offline credit card processing itegration existing web site

offline credit card processin credit card processing itegration existing web site

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  "Response to our Special Offers to existing customers using the Buy Buttons has been phenomenal! On our last mailing to only 1,000 of our customers we received 78 orders in only 3 days! . . ."
M. Mughal - Owner, MSM Applied Systems

We have attempted to provide for every buying situation, but shop owners are creative and at times have unique ways of doing business.

You do not need to know any programming. Using our online wizard you can create all the code automatically ready to be placed in your web-site.


offline credit card processing itegration, existing web site

If you are an expert programmer then you do not loose out either as you have the capability of optimising the look and feel of your buy button by hand.

The system can support your special requirements. You can construct your own buy buttons by submitting form variables in the following standard formats. Using the HTML form input tag, <input type=TYPE name=NAME value=VALUE>, you can construct the names and values.


Key customisable elements:

Amount Product Cost
Order reference Your Order reference
Order Description Description of the order
Link to Seller's Contact Details Link to a page that may contain   contact details such email, phone, fax, address, etc
Link to your own order confirmation page Where the buyer should   return after successfully completing the order, very good feature   if you wish to offer secure online downloads and for displaying your delivery dates etc
Vat to be charged or not Charge VAT if VAT registered

and many more fields are available, you can choose to customise as much or as little as possible.

You can also capture client details on your site and then pass them to the order form.

We can also add additional fields to meet your requirements.

Key Features:

- Free automatic updates

- Automatic Order confirmation sent out to the buyer for peace of   mind

- Integration in your exiting web site is one of our strongest features

- Accept offline and online credit card payments with ease

- Customise the button, use images, anyway you like its up to you

- Feature rich

- Easy to use system

- Easy to upgrade

 Plus these other POWER FEATURES:
Fully-Integrated into a Merchant Account of your choice. Online credit card processing Secured transaction processing using SSL technology Automated e-mail confirmation to all customers 24 X 7 merchant upgrade and edit capabilities Continuous Internet hosting



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